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Our Philosophy

Dental Consultant South Carolina

The philosophy of our company is as unique as the A to Z collection of services we offer. We believe that practicing dentistry and owning your own practice should not only be incredibly lucrative but should also be a dynamic and fulfilling experience for you on a very personal level. We fill the gap that, often times, dental schools don’t teach—the business component of being a truly successful and well-rounded dentist. CYP prepares you to become a fully equipped practice owner before your doors even open. This philosophy springs from the knowledge and proof that dental practice ownership does not have to be a stressful, overwhelming or enormously debt-accumulating undertaking, but rather, a highly rewarding and profitable enterprise. We also firmly believe that turning a profit is something that can happen quickly upon opening your new office. Our goal is to guide every dentist we work with into their own version of optimal success. CYP equips you with what it takes to confidently enter into being your own boss, allowing you to forever leave behind the days of working for someone else or within the confines of corporate dentistry. Our ultimate objective is to empower dentists across the nation by helping them create their paths towards becoming respected doctors, competent business owners, prosperous entrepreneurs and, finally, well-balanced and fulfilled individuals. At CYP, we truly know that you can have it all and it is our mission to show you how.

Creating Your Path prepares you to become a fully equipped practice owner before your doors even open.

About Dr. Nikolaos Laoutaris –


Dr. Nikolaos Laoutaris, known to his patients and colleagues as Dr. Nick, is the founder, owner, and operator of CYP. Dr. Nick has been both a practicing dentist and a licensed contractor for 25 years. The story of Dr. Nick, how he created his life’s path, and the journey that lead him to founding CYP is both remarkable and inspiring.

You can be a profitable business-owner. You can be a talented, respected and beloved dentist within your community. You can feel less stress, more reward and attain multi-faceted success. You can absolutely live your dream but, first, you must start by creating YOUR path.


Dental Consultant South Carolina

Born in Greece, Dr. Nick came to The States as a young boy along with his father, mother, and siblings. At that time, his family took up residence in a small apartment located in a low-income, high-crime neighborhood of the Bronx. Needing to take whatever work came his way, Dr. Nick’s father, a skilled carpenter by trade, began working as a hot-dog vendor. At five years old Dr. Nick was already developing what would become an unstoppable work-ethic and drive to succeed. While accompanying his father to work, Dr. Nick observed his father’s determination to make a better life for his family and his commitment to carrying out the work at hand with integrity, no matter the job. Eventually, Dr. Nick’s father began working in his field as a carpenter again and this is when Dr. Nick, tagging along to building sites, started to learn about the construction industry.

While in high school, Dr. Nick began to work with his father whenever he could and, in due course, became an adept builder himself. At the same time, Dr. Nick was proving to be a hard-working, academically gifted student. Upon graduating high-school at the top of his class, Dr. Nick went on to college which ultimately led him to dental school. Allthewhile, Dr. Nick ambitiously continued his work in construction and developed an excellent reputation for the quality and craftsmanship of his projects. It was then that Dr. Nick’s professors started to ask him if he would begin building their dental offices for them. This is when Dr. Nick realized that his two fields of expertise could be utilized together and, thus, his life’s path as a dentist-contractor began to take shape. Dr. Nick knew the exact needs of dentists, understanding the proper way to outfit operatories, stage front offices and the like. Similarly, he knew the nuances and ins and outs of the industry and he realized that this was invaluable. That is when the fledgling model of what would eventually become CYP began to form.

Since then, over the last 25 years, Dr. Nick has been involved in the development of over a hundred practices and has achieved a phenomenal level of success doing so. Now, helping doctors create their personal paths to successful practice ownership has become Dr. Nick’s life passion and mission.

Today, Dr. Nick is CYP’s owner, operator, primary consultant and mentor. He works in an intensive, one-on-one capacity with each of our clients, contributing to the process his 25 years of varied experience and a plethora of hand-picked resources specializing in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Nick has been happily married to his wife, Donna, also a practicing dentist, for 22 years with whom he has three children. Dr. Nick is also a very successful entrepreneur, involved in many adjunct business ventures. In his free time, Dr. Nick enjoys spending quality-time with his family, traveling, and riding his Harley.