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The Costs of a Toxic Employee

Hiring is time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes costly. In some cases, this causes business  owners to avoid firing an employee long after it has become clear that the person is damaging  the overall work environment. Finding the right person for your office can be challenging.  However, continuing to retain a toxic employee can be far more costly for you and your business

What is a “toxic employee?” 

A toxic employee is easily recognized for exhibiting several, if not all, of the following behaviors: 

∙ Bad attitude: This includes eye-rolling, muttering, snide comments, complaints,  confrontational tone, and passive-aggressive speech or actions. 

∙ Lack of engagement: This can include work-avoidance, lack of enthusiasm, unwillingness  to accept responsibilities, and being inattentive in meetings and huddles. ∙ Dishonesty: Whether this involves refusal to accept accountability, blaming others for  mistakes, or outright lies and thefts, dishonesty is harmful to your business and your  team. 

∙ Poor work performance: While a new team member may experience a learning curve at  first, the toxic employee never rises above the bare minimum of what has been explicitly  listed as expected. In many cases, they may not even be fully or properly completing  work. They are uninterested in feedback or training and unwilling to work to improve. 

Do you recognize anyone in your office from these descriptions? If so, it’s time to pull the plug. 

When you continue to keep a toxic employee on your staff, you may avoid the headaches of the  hiring process in the short term. However, you are creating a host of other problems for yourself  that will cost you a great deal more time, money, and energy to solve in the long term. 

One toxic employee in your office can cause: 

∙ Loss of new customers: If a toxic employee is interacting with potential customers, they  are creating a negative image of your business, which can lose hundreds or thousands of  dollars in revenue. 

∙ Loss of existing customers: If your clients are treated poorly even once, they may choose  to take their business elsewhere – and they may tell others. 

∙ Loss of your best team members: Your best people want to work in a positive  environment where they feel supported and appreciated. By tolerating the complaints or 

shoddy work of one toxic person, you risk losing team players to a company that  maintains a better atmosphere. 

Don’t compromise your business or your best team members by refusing to fire toxic employees.  For more strategies to improve your business, contact our office.