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Beyond Marketing: Turning Interest into Appointments

Marketing plays a vital role in attracting new business. Cleverly designed mailers and strong online SEO strategies can put your practice name in front of hundreds of potential patients.  Glowing reviews and testimonials tell website visitors that you provide quality care and have a  friendly team. However, when it comes to driving new business, marketing – even great  marketing – is only part of the story. No matter how effective your campaign, one of the biggest factors in gaining new patients is scheduling. 

Many dentists find it difficult to think about their practice as a business. It is likely that you chose  dentistry due to a passion for service and healing, not bookkeeping or sales. Yet nearly any successful retailer will say that the only way to gain business is to give customers what they  want, when they want it. 

What do your prospective patients want? Convenience, first and foremost.  

Consider this: patients have lives of their own. Many work outside the home, many have  children. Most working people have limited time off, and may have to schedule their time  carefully to leave room for the chance of illness or emergency. Many jobs dole out time off  slowly over the course of weeks. Others restrict employees from missing any work at all during  certain times of year. 

Does your office offer any same-day scheduling? Do you have next-day scheduling? Shift workers  may not know what hours and days they will be working more than a few days in advance. In  addition, patients who are experiencing pain are unlikely to wait longer than 24-48 hours for an  appointment before trying somewhere else. 

Do you have office hours covering mornings, evenings, and Saturdays? Patients do not always  have the luxury of choosing their shifts or days off. Parents may be reluctant to have their child  miss school for an appointment. If you do not have openings during the times that are needed,  potential patients will find an office with more flexible hours

No matter how impressive your practice appears, patients will look elsewhere for an appointment  if you are unable to work with their scheduling needs.  

Making the changes to provide better scheduling flexibility will take time and may require an  investment in your practice. You may want to consider adding an associate or hygienist to help  cover additional time. Talk to your dental CPA about what options will best suit your practice  needs, as well as the needs of your community.